Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Bees and spring

The bees so far have come through winter as a mixed bunch, we have about 33% loss this year I think through Nosema, About 33% have come through weak or under par and the other third have come through very strong in some cases more than 10 frames of bees by the beginning of march

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Hill Radnor Lambing

The lambing continuing slowly we now have four lambs, three ewes and one ram, the last two have been singles and are huge compared to last year.

All well so far with the last lamb and mother turned out in the orchard with the other lambs. Looking forward to small gangs of lambs bombing round the field.

Hill Radnor Sheep

Never a dull moment keeping sheep, this little one is from last years lambs she was one of a twin which had a difficult delivery her brother died from a pneumonia infection. She was on antibiotics but pulled through. Always smaller than the other lambs she has a feisty character and can hold her own.

But last week she was found "down" on the field with the other hoggs as floppy as a rag doll. We don't hold out much hope but have taken her to the vet. She had antibiotics for pneumonia and Vitamin B jabs and for the fist night we used a drench gun to give her water and sugar mix in an attempt to keep her alive.
So far she has survived and I'll update with progress

Friday, 9 March 2012

Latest on lambing the Hill Radnor sheep

raising animals can bring real moments of joy, these are our first lambs born this week, a ewe and ram lamb, both doing well. Gave me a big lift seeing them both in the field they needed no intervention and were both standing and suckling in minutes, All I had to do was Iodine the umbilical cord and leave them with the ewe to bond for a while.

They have since been put out in the field away from the expectant ewes and are growing well.
The next day we had a ewe produce to dead lambs, its heart breaking to see her lying next to her dead lambs and defending them from the dog or me. In the past we have removed dead lambs quickly but this seems to cause distress to the ewe as she calls for her lost lamb. This time left her with them until the morning and she seemed a lot less stressed with no frantic calling and searching.
A sad sight, the ewe was very thin and didn't put any condition on despite extra feeding, the vet thinks she may have detached the placenta early due to her poor condition, we have yet to find out why the ewe is so thin.

The rest of lambing has stalled ewes are getting fatter but not producing any more as yet.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

This is the first day of lambing in theory, the ewes were mated five months to the day. So far no sign, we haven't had them scanned so have no idea what we will get, We know that the Tup has done what he can, he was 'raddled' so theft his mark but what the ewes will produce is unknown.
These Radnors do not bag up like the Lleyns making it difficult to see how far on they are, we shall just have to wait and see.
Millie here playing with the neighbours Collie Rob who despite looking so similar doesn't share any of her breeding. Rob doesn't work sheep as he apparently developed a lameness problem when working so has been let go as a companion.
Millie not showing any signs of a season yet but should be some time in March