Wednesday, 21 October 2009

New Market at Jewellery Quarter

We have started a new market at Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham, it has been a steady start so far but there is real enthusiasm from the organisers, all based in the local community. I have never seen so many Jewellery and gold shops in one place before. There is a residential community who have been used to supermarket shopping. Hopefully we can provide an alternative to the high food mile, cold stored chemically induced food.

We will be attending until the December market and make a decision then whether to continue.
The dates for the markets this year are November 21st, December 5, both Saturdays.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Millies progress

Borders Collies are the most active dogs I have come across, so taking an acceptable picture has proved impossible so far. Still here are a few to show how she is coming on.She is now just over 7 months old, she has been introduced to sheep at first in an open field with another dog to keep the sheep together. The result was I can only describe as an Ovine bomb. Sheep scattered to the four corners of the field, Millie chasing, tail up having a great time. I changed tack and did some work with our sheep in a small paddock this was better but still spent time getting sheep out of field corners and did more running than is healthy for my age.

Today I built a round pen from borrowed sheep hurdles augmenting our own, to give a circumference of 50m give or take. This has been a massive improvement, reducing stress on the sheep and me.

Initially I worked her round the outside of the pen with me and sheep inside. Trying to keep the sheep balanced to me and teaching the commands away and come by. Then we worked with Millie, me and the sheep in the pen, so far so good. Much more relaxed with good results from the session.

More updates soon