Monday, 29 December 2014

Horse Training, exciting days

From previous post you will know that we have started our horse traction project. Our training  progressed steadily from introduction to harness to pulling a pallet.
Then it got a little exciting, the mare got spooked I suspect by the pallet digging into the ground and jarring her back. She bolted and ran a few yards so developed a fear of things following her, Then she managed to puck up a gate the harness and went carousing around the field.

She eventually stopped after trying and failing yo brush the gate off round a tree. No damage done to her or the equipment but we do need to replace a couple of gate posts.
That was probably the most exciting day, now we are back getting her used to the harness and the sound of chains which she objects to more than walking through or past gates.

This was undoubtedly a set back but we have to just get on with it and work on her confidence again.

We have paid for the equipment from France and are waiting its delivery but this will be put to work in the spring.