Sunday, 25 May 2014

Festival of the working Horse

At Daylesford Organics Farm summer festival they hosted the Festival of the Working Horse this year looking at horticulture. I went along to look at equipment available in the UK 

 While there I got the opportunity to try out the Prommata Kassine french equipment designed to be used with a single horse or donkey. I used it with a magnificent working stallion Brabant called Remco. He was very easy to work but toy could feel the power surge as he pulled into the collar, way over powered for our use but nice to experience.
Also on show was the only Pioneer Homesteader so far used in the country. Here demonstrated by the owner Ed Hamer from Chagfood CSA who has been a forerunner in using horse traction in the UK.

Beds formed using a combination of the Kassine, Homesteader and a borrowed roller seen at the bottom of the page.

 Then Michael went three up with Remco and his two cobs to demonstrate ploughing. With three Brabant he says he can plough Three acres per day, the traditional view is two horses can plough one acre per day. His Plough is Amish made like the pioneer based on an original British design.

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This is the biggest horse I have seen in my life! He is really nice, and looks gorgeous!

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