Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Biodynamic Apprentice Scheme

We have decided to offer an apprentice place under he Biodynamic Apprenticeship Scheme this is a 2 year  scheme based at the training centre in this case Hopesay Glebe Farm and with off site theoretical training in week blocks and weekends.

We have looked at other schemes and WWOOF  volunteers but have decided on the Demeter scheme as it results in a recognised national qualification.  We were unable to get any response from the Herefordshire College about their scheme, perhaps we are too far away for them to bother with.

We hope to offer our apprentices experience in all aspects of growing organic amd  biodynamic produce right through the process from sowing the seed to selling on our regular market stall in Shrewsbury.
There is also the option of gaining experience in beekeeping, queen rearing and honey harvesting. The apprentice will also be able to participate in our move to horse traction over the next couple of years.

An advantage of working for a small farm like ours is that you can gain experience in a wide range of enterprises and tasks within enterprises. In our case Sheep, Chickens, Bees, Horses, Vegetables and Retail.

Anyone interested should email us or contact the BDA on the above link

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